Welcome to the municipality of Deshaies, located in the North West of Basse-Terre. The territory of the town is composed of twelve localities (Low-Wind, Coffee, Shell, Pinaud, Riflet, ….). Bordered by the Caribbean Sea, you will enjoy beautiful beaches (Grande Anse) in an idyllic setting with the island of Montserrat in focus. Privileged places to enjoy beautiful sunsets. This proximity to the sea and its history with piracy makes it a traditional stop for sailboats and sea excursions. Coastal walks are also be available to discover all the white sand coves of this town.

In terms of services, you will find many seafront restaurants on the beaches and in the village of the town. You will also find a post office, banks, souvenir and spice shops and nearby gas stations.

The beach of Grande Anse is one of the most beautiful coves of Guadeloupe. This sandy beach is ideal for swimming and find a place in the shade under grapes or coconut trees. One kilometer wide, the beach has two entrances, the main one is the the busiest but you have another one, by a stony path that leads to the left side of the beach, more intimate and wild. The bathing is not supervised on this beach, attention to the waves

If you like the bodysurf, this cove is perfect for the practice of this sport.



To access to this beach (plan above), from Pointe-à-Pitre, take the N1 towards Basseterre and Petit-Bourg then D23 (Route de la Traversée). This route will offer you many stops to satisfy your curiosity and your desire to swim in the river. At the end of this road, you will arrive on the Caribbean side (N2), follow the direction of Pointe-Noire and Deshaies. Go straight ahead, pass the town and then at the roundabout, take the third left.

You will be on the main entrance to the beach.

First tip: in high season, it is a popular beach for tourists and it turns out that it becomes quite crowded over the morning (including weekend). Leave early to arrive before 9 hours so you do not have too much trouble to park nearby and easily have a place on the beach. The shaded places that are not numerous are quickly taken. .

You will have many places available but as it is a popular beach and places can be difficult to find.


On one side, you will see the beach from the car park with a view of the island of Montserrat if the sky is clear.


On the other side, you will have a panel of restaurants to restore or have a drink during the day.

Grande Anse

It’s time for you to enjoy this beach of blond sand and the Caribbean Sea.

As you can see in the pictures above and below, the beach has few places in the shade. Think to provide the protections for children with sun cream index 50 or lycra.

The sun is harmful between 10 am and 2 pm


The sea may be agitated there (December to March) which will be the pleasure of the amateurs of waves or sports of waves. However, these waves can be very powerful, children must be careful


Now that you’re settled down, let yourself be rocked by the waves until the sun sets. One of the most beautiful you will see on the island.

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A beautiful sunset……

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Time for you to discover it now !


Ø Circulation in Guadeloupe: During the week, you will face traffic jams around the Jarry area, especially in the morning, in the direction of Gosier towards Pointe-à-Pitre or Petit-Bourg to Pointe-à-Pitre and vice versa. late afternoon. Think about your journey to adapt to this traffic that can be dense and make you lose time easily.

Ø Equipment: hats, swimsuit, towel, beach bag (knife, k-way, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, anti-mosquito product).

Ø Health:
Quality of the bathing area: Excellent (Source: Ministry of Health, see map);

Accessibility: Easily by car and little walk, no disabled access;
Sunscreen mandatory because the beach is well exposed to the sun, think even Lycras for children and adults;

– Most important thing, always have a bottle of water per person and a snack in your bag.

Various: you can go nearby to The Botanical Garden of Deshaies, enjoy the other beaches (Anse de la Perle, Cluny Beach, ….) of the town or go shopping in the village of Deshaies (spices, jewels and other local products, …).


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