Welcome to the town of Le Moule, located to the east of Grande-Terre. A former major sugar port of Guadeloupe during the 18th and 19th centuries, it gradually lost its importance in the face of the town of Pointe-à-Pitre and its Darboussier factory. Nowadays, there remain the vestiges of this time, you will see around and within the commune of the historical monuments (fortifications), take the time to stroll there. Finally, the commune of Le Moule with Grand Bourg de Marie-Galante are the last two communes to still have a sugar factory (Usine Sucrière de Gardel which can be visited in particular).

Besides this economic aspect of this territory. Many cultural sites (museum and archaeological park in particular) are present on the territory. For more sporting activities, walks, hikes and water activities (surfing at Anse Salabouelle) are also located in this area.

The Porte d’Enfer and its promenade will also allow you to discover magnificent panoramas of the Atlantic coast of the territory and its biodiversity.

This location is the starting point for a 10 kilometer hike (round trip to Anse Montal). However, you can also hike up the surrounding cliff heights to Pointe Morne (2 kilometers one way return) and enjoy the panoramas. Allow about thirty minutes round trip to the end of Pointe Morne. In terms of difficulty, this hike is accessible to the whole family, be careful however in the sun, the route is located in full sun all along.


To access the starting point of the hike, starting from Pointe-à-Pitre, head towards Grande-Terre, take the N1 then the N5, towards Morne à l’Eau. Follow the direction of Le Moule then Saint-François. At the exit of the town of Le Moule (N5), turn left at Portland and go straight ahead until the sign indicating the Porte d’Enfer. On this road, you will pass Anse Salabouelle, one of the four surf spots in Le Moule.

A small parking lot is located at the end of the road. However, you can park on the side of the road and you will have no trouble finding a space.

On site, you will be able to walk on the cliffs (Pointe Morne) and discover many magnificent panoramas (hike from Anse Montal to Porte d’Enfer)

or take the stairs nearby to discover the beach below and the breaking waves in its turquoise waters (Plage de la Porte d’Enfer).

La Pointe Morne

First take the hiking trail to discover the site of the Porte d’Enfer from the heights. Yellow markings are in place.

After a few meters, you will already have a first breathtaking view of the limestone cliffs and turquoise waters of the Porte d’Enfer.

Continue to follow the coast from the heights to advance to Pointe Morne.

Tip: Remember to protect yourself from the sun because the exposure on the way is very important.

Spectacular new views will come your way.

You can continue this path all along the coast to Anse Montal, a fairly easy 10 kilometer round trip.

Not equipped to cover this distance, in terms of the quantity of water in particular, we only went to the end of Pointe Morne.


Here are the few shots taken up to Pointe Morne.

Click here for a first video preview of the panorama on our Facebook page

The path then continues through the dry forest to Anse Salabouelle.

Return to the car park to finally discover the beach below.

La Plage de la Porte d’Enfer

From the car park, take the path with the stairs. It allows you to head towards the coast or the beach below.

Take the opportunity to explore all the little corners of the site that offer you magnificent views.

In front of you the path will take you to the seaside to admire the magnificent landscape between turquoise sea, foam and erosion of the cliffs.

Click here for a first video preview of the panorama on our Facebook page

Retrace your steps and take the stairs down to the beach. A small atypical chapel is installed on the beach.

It’s up to you to discover it now!


In terms of advice,

Ø Traffic in Guadeloupe: During the week, you will face traffic jams around the Jarry area, especially in the morning, in the direction of Le Gosier towards Pointe-à-Pitre, and vice versa in the late afternoon. Think about your route in order to adapt to this traffic which can be dense and easily waste time.

Ø Equipment: Good pair of sneakers or hiking shoes, light clothing, hiking bag (knife, flashlight, raincoat, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent).

Ø Health:

_ Difficulty: 2 out of 10, possible walk for the whole family. Risk of slipping on a stony path and significant heat.

– In normal times, always start hiking as early as possible in the morning. The daytime heat during minimal sporting activity can become quite stifling. This hike is in the sun the whole way.

– Go at your own pace and plan the time you will need depending on your physical condition.

The most important, always a bottle of water per person and something to snack in your bag. With the heat, all fairly physical hikes can be dangerous with fatigue.

Miscellaneous: You can take the opportunity to visit the Habitation Damoiseau, swim at Anse Salabouelle or discover the historical monuments of the village of the town.


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