Welcome to the town of Saint-Anne, located in the south of the island. The community of Sainte-Anne is known in particular for its Club Med, its white sand beaches located on its territory (Grande and Petite Anse des Salines, Anse Caritan, Anse Meunier, Anse Michel, etc.). Bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the territory of the commune of Sainte-Anne offers numerous nautical activities due to its geolocation taking advantage of the Atlantic wind (windsurfing and Kyte surfing for example) and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

In its village, the town offers a covered market, seaside restaurants and has in its center, a magnificent church (Notre Dame de Sainte-Anne Church) classified as a historic monument. In terms of services, a post office, ATMs, numerous shops and a gas station at the entrance to the town.

This territory takes advantage of its attractive environment to invite you to discover beaches, hikes and the seabed.

Anse Caritan beach is made up of several stretches of white sand beach. You can discover them in particular thanks to the famous long hike “La Trace des Caps”. This hike can be broken down into 5 sections which, added together, give a route of 27 kilometers with at least 11 to 12 hours of walking. You will discover this beach during the last part (Salines – Anse Caritan)

  • Petit Macabou – Cap Macré (5 km, 2h),
  • Cap Macré – Cap Chevalier (7 km, 3h),
  • Cap Chevalier – Anse Trabaud (10 km, 4h00),
  • Anse Trabaud – Salines (5 km, 2h) = > Savane des Pétrifications
  • Salines – Anse Caritan (4,5 km, 1h30)

Anse Caritan beach is a large white sand beach located on the Caribbean side. Two stretches of beach stand out, one 200 m long where you find restaurants and water games and one 400 m long, secluded and wilder. These coves are very pleasant for a picnic with family or friends. The waters are shallow for a fairly long distance from the edge, which can delight people with children. The wilder part of this cove is less crowded than its neighboring beaches, Les Salines or Pointe Marin (or even the section near the restaurants) because access is not necessarily well signposted and you have to take a rough path but completely doable by car or on foot..

Peaceful turquoise waters and little corners of paradise between the shrubs await you to fully enjoy the Caribbean sun. This beach is ideal for families with its shaded areas and shallow waters for children.

Itinerary (Click on the picture)

To reach the beach, starting from Fort-de-France, join the A1 expressway then head towards the south of the island (N5). You will pass through two roundabouts in the town of Ducos (activity zones) then two other roundabouts in the town of Rivière-Salée. Follow the direction of the commune of Marin. After passing the commune of Sainte-Luce then the town of Marin, turn right towards the commune of Sainte-Anne (D9). Pass in front of the gendarmerie and at the roundabout, always follow the direction of the commune of Sainte-Anne. Arriving at the village of the commune, cross it and follow the coast to head towards Anse Caritan. If you decide to go straight, you will naturally arrive at a parking lot of a residence located near the beach where you will find restaurants (Pirates Beach, People Beach) and water games (Maya Beach Club).

Places are difficult to find after a certain time.

You can also turn left upstream and head towards Résidence IGESA to arrive on the other side and thus be able to find a new parking lot along the first beach.


This path also allows you to reach the second beach of the cove, wilder and larger, via a rough path. A few places next to the entrance are available.


Finally, last possibility, take the Trace des Caps path to reach from Anse Tonnoir or from one of the beaches of this cove, the different places where you want to relax. An indication post is visible on the different beaches and at Anse Tonnoir (link to the trail).


The beaches of Anse Caritan

Once parked, you don’t have much trouble reaching the beaches of Anse fairly quickly (from Anse Tonnoir 10 to 20 minutes depending on the beach you want to discover), weave through the paths bordered by vegetation to find a spot on the beach or in the shade to have a picnic. Tables have been set up on the first beach to welcome the public.

You quickly notice at the entrances to each beach that they are not supervised. Be careful, the shallow waters allow you to go quite far from the edge of the beach.


The first beach, 200 m long, is much more shrubby and shaded with facilities for welcoming the public. Water games and restaurants are located nearby.

Click on this link to have a first video preview of this beach on our Facebook page.

The second white sand beach, 400 m long, is more exposed to the sun. It can also be reached via the Trace des Caps hike.

White sand beach and turquoise waters with a panorama of Pointe Borgnèse, the coastline of the town of Sainte-Luce or the Diamond Rock. A perfect setting to relax and enjoy a sunny day in the Caribbean.

The shallow depths are enjoyable with family or friends for a successful day.

For explorers, you can from this beach, take the path of the Trace des Caps, to discover other small, more intimate coves and other panoramas of the Caribbean Sea.

Click on this link to have a first video preview of this panorama on our Facebook page.

Beware of the harmful effects of the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., think about lycra and sunscreen!

Take the opportunity to picnic in the shade or go to the nearby restaurants for something to eat.

It’s up to you to discover it now !

In terms of advice,

Ø  Traffic in Martinique: During the week, you will face traffic jams around industrial or commercial areas, particularly in the morning, in the direction of the South (Rivières Salée, N5) towards the North (Fort-de-France, A1) and from the East (Robert, N1) to the North (Fort-de-France, A1), from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., and vice versa at the end of the evening from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Think about your journey the day before in order to adapt to this traffic which can be heavy and easily cause you to waste time.

Ø Equipment: Slides, swimsuit, towel, beach bag (knife, k-way, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent).

Ø Health:

–          Quality of the bathing area: Sufficient (Source: Ministry of Health, see map);

–          Accessibility: Easily by car, no disabled access;

–         Sun cream obligatory because the second beach is more exposed to the sun until late afternoon, even think about lycras for children and adults;

–          The most important thing, always a bottle of water per person and something to snack on in your bag.


Miscellaneous: you can visit the nearby town of Sainte-Anne (Market, Church, Chemin du Calvaire, etc.) or hike Piton Crève-Cœur or Anse-Tonnoir – Grande Anse.

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