Welcome to the Gros Morne, located in the center of the island. It is the second largest town on the island. Located also in altitude, the environment of this territory is very green and will propose you numerous panoramic views on every corner of Martinique. This town, originally devoted to agriculture, has a rich land from which the Habitation HSE benefits to produce a rum A.O.C exceptional. In terms of services, you will a post office, a bank and a service station located in the municipality. In terms of activities, besides the visit of Habitation J.M, hikes are located in the town and nearby. You will have pleasure in particular to carry out the walk of the waterfalls of the Saut d’Argis.


The hike of the Saut d’Argis is a forbidden path according to the decree that you will see at the entrance of the path (this place is no longer maintained). However, I wanted to make you discover because nowadays, this walk is no longer maintained, it is as a green and magical place with these two waterfalls. It is up to you to discover or

You will find few difficulties to walk along the way that was 1.1 kilometers long in the past. You can easily access to the two waterfalls because the paths are still passable. You can touch with the eyes and find where to eat in the middle of the vegetation that has regained its rights. It will take you 10 to 15 minutes to discover these two waterfalls.

Let’s hope that one day this place will be again accessible to families and travelers so that they can enjoy a peaceful place to relax. Tables along the river still exist but the vegetation has covered them. It would be an ideal place to come to picnic.



From Fort-de-France, join the A1 motorway from Fort-de-France and take the exit towards Saint-Joseph (N4). You can coming from the South or east of the island, join the N4 by taking the N1. You will drive on the N4 for 30 to 45 minutes before arriving at a small town where you will see a TOTAL gas station in particular. Be careful, a directional sign indicating the waterfalls of Saut d’Argis is located at the entrance of this small town. You will reach the D1 on the left and turn right on paths that will take you to the starting point of this walk. Other directional signs will be located on the D1 and on the paths. The starting point of this walk is near a smoked chicken vendor.

The starting point is at the corner of a turn next to a house. You can park along its fence. Two signs (see photos below) are just at the entrance of the hike.



Les Sauts d’Argis

Park along the house and take the path in front of you.


The vegetation is very dense and from the beginning, you will have to go under bamboo.


After this first obstacle, you will be on the path of hiking. You will notice that the site is not maintained and that the vegetation has invaded the paths that were formerly developed. You will be able to see the two paths leading to the waterfalls but you will have to make your way through the ferns and other plants for the rest of the way.


Take these paths to get closer to the two cascades of the site. You will have as point of reference a small carbet.



The site is very little visited because of the prefectural order and you will have the feeling of being alone in the middle of this vegetation with only sound background the sound of water flowing on the rocks.

Here are the two waterfalls located on the site

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For nature lovers, take the time to stop or play explorers to discover more closely the biodiversity of this site.

This walk in the middle of this environment is not essential but it can be interesting if you want to satisfy your curiosity of travelers. An isolated place where you will have the chance to be surely alone to enjoy it.



Ø Circulation in Martinique:  During the weeks you will encounter many traffic jams from 7 a.m. to 9. 30 a.m. in the industrial and commercial areas. Especially mornings driving from south (Rivière Salée, N5) to the North (Fort-de-France, A1), but also East (Robert , N1) going North , you will find the same traffic jams every evening on the other side from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Tip, think of the way and time you want to travel in order not to lose time.

Ø Facilities: good pair of hiking shoes or tennis shoes bag with (knife, rain coat, lamp, hats or caps, sun glasses, sun cream and mosquito repellent).

Ø  Sanitary conditions:

–        Difficulty : 2/10, easy hike in the woods, The hike is under the shade,be careful as the way may be slippery

–       Take your time and go as you wish, plan the time that you will need depending on your physical condition.

–       Important tip: always have a bottle of water per person and a snack in your bag.

 –     Normally, always start hiking at the earliest in the morning. The daytime heat during minimal sports activity can become quite stifling. This hike is largely in the shade in the forest except on the course health.

–      Trail prohibited because not maintained, to you to satisfy or not your curiosity. This walk is safe

Others : you are in the middle of the island, you can find others hikes in the municipalities nearby. You can also  go to the Habitation HSE or even the Habitation Saint-James or go to the Forest of La Philippe in the municipality of Sainte Marie.

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