Welcome to the municipality of the  Robert, located in the East of the island and open to the Atlantic Ocean. The community has a beautiful natural harbor surrounded by numerous coral reefs located wide between the different beautiful islets to discover. You will enjoy going there by boat or kayak to discover the wealth of accessible islands because some islets are private properties (Petite Martinique or the Îlet Chancel largely). The town is turned to water activities (kayaking, excursions, ….) to enjoy the turquoise waters of the bath Trapeze. You will be able to observe also with pleasure, the “Yoles” typical boats in Martinique, exercise in the bay. In terms of services, you can enjoy a covered market in the village of the town with vegetables and local specialties, fresh fish by the sea. You will also find a bank, a post office, gas stations and restaurants of seas. Seaside hikes will also make you discover the different points, offering magnificent views and bathing places in the various coves of the town.

The hike of “Pointe Savane-Pointe Banane” is a course of approximately 8 kilometers (round trip) with a walking time of 2:00. The elevation gain (30 m) is low and you will have to cross only a few short climbs. It is accessible to all the family


To access the start of the hike, from Fort-de-France, join the A1 speedway then take the exit towards the town of Robert (N1). The road is not complicated. Drive to the town of Robert always follow the directional signs (count half an hour drive from the Lamentin). At the roundabout in front of a Mcdonald, go straight ahead until the second roundabout where you will have to go straight again. You will see a sports field then a supermarket “Géant” on your right before arriving on a third roundabout. On this one, you have to take the first exit. Pass the Intersport then again in front of the “Géant” to join another roundabout where you will see the sign “Madinina Kayaks“. Follow the indicated direction to join the Kayak Club. It will take you ten minutes from the first sign. The start of the hike will be on your left just after the gate of a house.

There is no parking, you must park on the side of the road. This hike is not too popular and you will not have trouble finding a place near the departure.

Pointe Savane – Pointe Banane

The hike starts in the forest. Take the path behind the sign. After two minutes, you will have a first junction where you will have to take on your right while passing on the small bridge. The other path takes you on a path in the forest (leading to the subdivision located near Intersport) and in an area reserved for hunting as well.



Then here you are again in front of a junction with a pole with an arrow. (photo below). Take on your right (do not follow the arrow). If you follow the arrow, you will go towards Gallion. However, take a few minutes to venture there, the panorama is nice

Path in direction of the Gallion and the panorama


Back on the main path, continue and here you are near some houses where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.


The path continues in the forest and takes you over the meters to the edge of the mangrove.


Third fork, take the path on the left, the one on the right takes you to the seaside.


The path goes down towards the mangrove, follow it to reach Banana Point.


A few meters to go then take on your right through the back beach vegetation to join the small cove located next to Banana Point on your right.

Click on this link to get a first video preview of the panoramic view from Pointe Banane Cove on our Facebook page


You observe many seaweeds by the sea. These seaweeds called sargasses invade, by period, the beaches of Martinique. Before and beyond the hike, inform yourself in order to be able to benefit from this cove which is a small corner of tranquility assured to enjoy the turquoise waters and the sun of the Caribbean.

To you to discover it now !



Ø Circulation in Martinique:  During the weeks you will encounter many traffic jams from 7 a.m. to 9. 30 a.m. in the industrial and commercial areas. Especially mornings driving from south (Rivière Salée, N5) to the North (Fort-de-France, A1), but also East (Robert , N1) going North , you will find the same traffic jams every evening on the other side from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Tip, think of the way and time you want to travel in order not to lose time.

Ø Equiments: good pair of hiking shoes or tennis shoes bag with (knife, rain coat, lamp, hats or caps, sun glasses, sun cream and mosquito repellent).

Ø  Santé :

–           Difficulty : 4 / 10, can be done by families. Be careful with the roots of the trees.

–         Take your time and go as you wish, plan the time that you will need depending on your physical condition.

–        Important tip: always have a bottle of water per person and a snack in your bag.

–     Normally, always start hiking at the earliest in the morning. The daytime heat during minimal sports activity can become quite stifling. This hike is largely in the shade in the forest except on the course health.


–          Quality of the bathing area: Not indicated (Source: Ministry of Health, see map);

Various: You can also head to the kayak club, Madinina Kayaks, our partner, located right next to the start of this hike. You will be able to practice a nautical activity in beautiful places in the islets of the Robert (Îlet Chancel and its iguanas and the Baignoire du Trapèze).


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