Welcome to the island of Saint-Barthélemy, located north of the small Antilles and territory of incredible wealth in environmental and economic terms. High standing island by its prestigious services of restorations, shoppings and others …. It is also an incredible cradle of biodiversity for the fauna and flora.

You will also be amazed by the many beaches, the landscapes of hills (dreary) the  culminating point is Morne de Vitet (286 m). Hiking and water activities are there ready for you to enjoy your stay.

You can escape to a beach or choose to enjoy shopping and luxury restaurants, a good compromise that only the island of St. Barthelemy has the secret.

Let’s go to the discovery of these white sand beaches.


The beach of Anse Lorient is a large white sand beach located north of the island. The sea is generally agitated to the delight of the many surfers who invade these waters to perfect their techniques. However, you can also bathe with family or friends, the areas on the sides of the beach are more protected. You will swim in turquoise waters and an idyllic setting.


How to get there ?


To get to the beach, from the airport, head east of the island (D209). The beach is located less than 10 minutes from the airport along the coast by this road.

You will see this cove on your left and you will have another landmark, the cemetery in front of it and that is now famous after the death of Johnny Hallyday. You will find the tomb of this icon of the French song.

Arriving at this cemetery, you may have difficulty finding a place. The streets are narrow and the little parking is privileged to trade. Be patient and resourceful. You have different entrances to access to the beach, there is one 100 meters after the cemetery.


The Cemetery of  l’Anse de Lorient


The beach of Anse Lorient


Head to the beach. The beach is not supervised.


Discover this magnificent cove of white sand enclosed by the hills.

Click on this link to have a first video preview of this beach on our Facebook page


As the beach is not shaded it is recommended to have an umbrella.

 Watch out for the harmful effects of the sun.

Lovers of sliding sports, this beach is for you. You will be able to practice the surf thanks to the numerous permanent rollers which are outlined around this beach.



The beach is quite long and you will not have a hard time finding a place to fully enjoy the turquoise water and the landscape.

Enjoy it and go discover it !


Tips :

Ø Traffic on the island of St. Barthelemy: The island is not very big and you will not have any traffic problems. However, be careful of narrow roads and bends in uphill and downhill, some routes in the passes (cols) can be more delicate. Do not rush, you are on vacation!

Ø Equipment: Slides, swimsuit, towel, beach bag (knife, k-way, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, anti-mosquito product)

.Ø  Health :

Quality of the bathing area: no information (Source: Ministry of Health, see map) ;

Access: Easily by car, no handicapped access but possible with an adapted wheelchair

Sunscreen mandatory because the beach is well exposed to the sun, you can even have Lycras for children and adults;

Most important thing, always a bottle of water per person and a snack in your bag.

Others: you can swim on the many other beaches of the island, Anse Grande Saline which is next for example. For the more adventurous, you can go hiking with the help of a guide (see the choice and link in our page of St. Barthelemy).

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